Who can be admitted into ANTHUS Safe-House?

National and foreign women*1 of any age who are direct victims of a Human Trafficking crime, who do not have a safe place to turn to, and that accept the rules of the ANTHUS Safe-House by signing an agreement upon their voluntary entry. 

How do you enter the ANTHUS Safe-House?

Through a collaboration document issued by the authorities, addressed to the Attorney General of the State of Puebla, requesting support. Through this, the Specialized Investigation Unit for Human Trafficking, channels and admits victims to the ANTHUS Safe-House; so they can receive attention and assistance as victims. 

Which documents are required?

In order to avoid re-victimisation and to give warm and human assistance, the following documents should be sent to the Collaboration Office:

  • Victim statement

  • General information of the victim in a closed envelope

  • Copy of Identification (in the case of the victim having it)

  • Certificate, where the victim is told of her rights.

  • Medical opinion (psycho-physiological, gynaecological and proctological* 2);

  • Psychological opinion and;

  • Information of any support networks that the victim has.

In the instance that the victim has documents such as a birth certificate, national identification card (INE/IFE), academic certificates, or any other accreditation of living conditions, it is very useful to be sent these by the victim; nonetheless, in the case of not having them, ANTHUS Safe-House staff will carry out the appropriate arrangements to obtain these documents. 

Is a police report necessary for a victim to enter ANTHUS Safe-House?

No, however, each case is evaluated personally due to the nature of the crime. For security questions of the shelter, the backup of the General Prosecutor of the State of Puebla is also needed. 

What happens if the victim is a minor?

If the victim is under-age, the support of the parent/guardian of the victim will be necessary; in the case of not knowing the location of this person, an agent from the Attorney General’s Office will be the representative of the minor during the admission procedures and stay in ANTHUS Safe-House, and the minor will be under the safeguard of the shelter. 

Can victims enter the ANTHUS Safe-House with children?

The ANTHUS Safe-House strongly believes in respecting and perpetuating family ties, for this reason we can receive victims that have children. In the case of male children, they should be under 11 years old and they should have a previous personal evaluation.

It is important to mention that this does not imply a discrimination situation, on the contrary, we always seek to adequately address the needs of the victims and have healthy coexistence within the shelter. 

Are victims with a history of drug abuse accepted?

Yes, the ANTHUS Safe-House has a special detox and rehabilitation area for victims that have a consumption or abstinence case. The victims are subjected to a drug test and, afterwards, the addiction specialist will carry out a personalised evaluation of each one to determine a diagnosis of the kind of abstinence symptoms they have, in order to safeguard the security of the other users.   

Are victims with suicidal tendencies, violent or homicidal conducts or personality disorders accepted?

ANTHUS Safe-House promotes the rehabilitation opportunity of any disorder or negative attitude; nonetheless, it will be necessary to present a psychological evaluation, and a psychiatric evaluation if possible, so that the coordinator of the psychiatric and medical area can evaluate their admission. 


The admission of a schizophrenia case is not advisable. Sometimes, the Agent from the Attorney General’s Office does not have this type of information first hand, that is why ANTHUS Safe- House reserves the first week of the victim’s stay for necessary evaluation and medical exams, which can provide and guarantee that the activities done during her stay in ANTHUS Safe-House do not put in danger the coexistence within the shelter, the victim’s own life or the life of the other users.


When the ANTHUS Safe-House does not have the ability to provide assistance due to the circumstances of the victim, according to the established international, national and local legal framework, it is suggested to refer these victims to support networks or turning to the National Shelter Network.

Does the victim require any type of medical insurance or social security for their admission?

Frequently, victims do not have these types of resources, for this reason ANTHUS Safe-House does not demand this document. At the moment of their admission, the victims will say if they have any document, which confirms such service, or if in any moment in their lives they had one, depending on their given answers, the shelter staff will perform the necessary arrangements, for the obtaining or recovery of the document validating the service. 


*1 depending on the native language and the availability of interpreters, their admission will be evaluated.

*2 in case the investigation requires it.

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