Are you a junior high school or high school student?
Do you want to impact your community in a positive way?

Then you are an ANTHUS Ally! Join the cause.



How do I do it?

Option 1

Do a collection


Get organised with a group of friends and collect clothes and shoes in good condition, or canned foods and household goods, then donate them to our shelter victims. 

Option 2

Do a fundraising activity

Ask your school and make cookies, cupcakes or something delicious that you can sell to your friends during break.

Donate what you have raised to our users.

Option 3

 Organise a film debate

A key factor in the fight against this crime is information.

Bring together a group of friends, ask us for our film debate resource list and invite them to discover what human trafficking is all about. 

Option 4

Invite us to your school

Send an email with your school name and a contact telephone that we can call as soon as possible.

We will schedule a date and all set! Someone from our team will come.

Once you have chosen, send us an email to  so that we can help you through the process.