The area tasked with the coordination of volunteers; the definition of population sectors and geographic areas of strategic and focalised action; finally, it is who designs and undertakes actions that raise awareness, inform and train different sectors of society. Currently, there are 3 areas that we are working on, these are described below:

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Programs in which university students from different professional degree courses and young people in junior and high school consolidate their academic training by supporting the fight against trafficking in persons.

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A fundamental part of our preventative program is the development of educational and audio-visual resources that foster the prevention of trafficking in persons in the most vulnerable societal sectors, considering the most frequent motives and methods of recruitment in our country. 

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A United Nations (UN) campaign to prevent and suppress trafficking in persons. It aims to adopt measures to fight human trafficking and express solidarity with its victims. Puebla joined this initiative in 2011 and made its official launch in 2012. ANTHUS represents the Campaign in the State of Puebla.