The National Association against Human Trafficking in Society (ANTHUS) is formed of a group of people from civil society interested in contributing to the prevention, awareness and eradication of human trafficking in Mexico. 



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ANTHUS A.C. is a not-for-profit organisation oriented towards the prevention, assistance and support for human trafficking victims using a comprehensive model respecting the rights of the victims, and leading to their full recovery, empowerment and integration into society.   

To be an organization of national and international reference that offers an up-to-date model of prevention, care, attention and full recovery of human trafficking victims. 


  • Loyalty

A value that consists of keeping a commitment, even in the face of changing or adverse circumstances.


  • Integrity

The quality of maintaining ethical behaviour in any situation.

  • Empathy

The capacity to perceive, understand and make own the feeling of another person.


  • Willingness to do service 

The capacity to unselfishly help others, putting the needs of the most in need, before those of your own well-being.


  • Dignity

The right of every human being, to be respected and valued as a person and to be gifted with freedom and creative power. 


  • Respect

The recognition of the capacity that a person has for their self-determination in relation to their choices in life, as well as the consideration that a person has self-worth.



To institute, develop and implement a comprehensive plan oriented towards the prevention and care of human trafficking victims in Mexico. To achieve such goal, we are working in two strategic areas: