Would you like to fight to have a fairer world?
Would you like to become a hero without a cape?


It is really easy! Join to support our users at the ANTHUS Safe-House.

How do I do it?

Option 1

Do a collection

Collect clothes, shoes or toys in good condition and donate them to our children in the shelter.

Option 2

 Organise a contest

Invite your schoolmates to participate in a chocolate sale contest.

Option 3

Raise money

Take your best costume and hit the streets with your parents to raise money with our official collecting box

Option 4

Do a sale with a cause


It could be a lemonade stand, cupcakes, cookies or whatever you want. 

Once you have chosen, send us an email to so that we can help you through the process.


+52 222 23 25 507



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2016 ANTHUS A.C. Asociación Nacional contra la Trata Humana en la Sociedad, Asociación Civil.

"This organization does not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical or socioeconomic situation or for any other reason"